Keep Inside Me


I need you when I'm alone and Throughout everyday
I need you when I'm sad, you've made me change
I know that I am far but my love stay here
It's waiting for that moment to bring you for me

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I'm going , I'm going, I'm going to the start
I'm going, I'm going, I am going back to your arms

And everytime you kiss me, It's only in your memories
The voice that you are hearing, It's just me
The voice that you stay crazy and that you want it come back
'Cause I have everything what you need keep inside me

And everywhere I go, I am thinking about you
Same when I dont't want, I do.
I love when you call me and says that you love me
It makes me to believe that you are here

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I'll be there to you hold my hand
You are more than a boyfriend
And tonight I'll do all I can..
I'll give wings for you fly to make you came back my life
To love you everynight

I need you when I'm alone and throughout everyday
I'll do anything to find you again, baby.
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