Son Of A Gun

Addis Black Widow

Wake up, buckle up son of a gun. Whats dat? Packem up… gotta go - RUN
Filled da tub wid da blood, WHAT HAVE I DONE??
Its late, get ya coat, son of a gun
Ma teeth full of bees, honey & bun
Ma arms? collard greens- big as a pond
Both thighs & ma knees, (son of a gun) are WET FROM DA BLOOD
What have I done ???Pigeon:
U go & I be right wid U
Watch too many movies, it will get U
If ya girls wanna cum, they could cum 2
Bless U if you go ATICHEW
& run like forest gump, while ya girls cant hold their rump
& we know phat Loodys do thump
da whole scene, I would give it two thumbs up!
Up we go like super man & down we go like Mary Jane
&walk on da wall like spiderman
no matter what U want, we could take U there cream:
in 10 minutes its gonna be sunny
& da men wid da suits & da big money, will be here
& there be no use runnin
get ya coat gotta go when da heats cuminchorus:
don't stop runnin son of a gun,
I be right behind U runnin sun of a gun
Don't stop runnin son of a gun
Nobodys chasin U so U don't need to run

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