Black Dynamite Theme

Adrian Younge

I want to tell you a story
About a friend I've had
He's a mean mothafucka and he's superbad
So grab onto your seats
And hang on tight
While I tell you a story about Black Dynamite
Wherever he walks he withers the grass
King Kong steps aside when his bad ass pass
So when you see him don't have shit to say
He beat the devil with a shovel three timesa day
He's doing what he do
He's feeling like he feel
He's killing who he want to
So you know this jack is real
Mamma always told me
There'd be days like this
Better watch them politicians
Trying to shrink y'all niggas' dicks
And she told me
There'd be a righteous one to come
That'll clean up the streets
And put Nixon on the run
He's a funky motha
This cat is out of sight
This nigga took out Nixon
So you know he's Dynamite
He's pillaging the street
He's killing who he meet
Flames ignite when he's in sight
He's Dynamite
He's the kind of brother that comes throughtown
Put his finger in the ground, turn the wholeworld around
And they be hauling you out, like a cheetahruns fast
If your mouth writes a check
That your ass can't cash
Use Kung Fu when he want to
Have sex when he please
When the world hurt the children
Brought the world to its kneesA mastermind plan
A cracker had to cook
They killed his brother Jimmy
So he killed them dirty crooks
And it's over
He had the last stand
No more sellout politicians'
Cause he stuck it to the man
Power that we're preaching
It's the children that he teaching
To do no wrong
To do all rightWe won the fight with Dynamite
He's pillaging the streets
He's killing who he meet
Flames ignite when he's in sight
He's Dynamite
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