Agonie d'une aube ancienne

Aes Dana

Iridescent streams were throwing
forked lighting through the sky,
As soon as mine wanders on the cold fluid
led me through the spheres and infinite worlds,
Images obscured in the nebulous horizon.

For a long time now the dawn,
disappeared beyond some unknown mass,
didn't more invigorate the last souls.
Images obscure in the nebulous horizon,
Glimmers of a completed time, forever lost.
All was chaos in this succession of limbs,
Dark Theatre of my last joumey.
"Il y a longtemps que l'aube,
disparue derrière quelque masse sombre,
ne réchauffe plus les âmes perdues.
Je distingais les ombres projetées du néant,
se mouvant sur les berges délabrées,
s'immisçant dans les eaux profondes,
écoutant leur silence porté par la plainte du vent.
I discemed the shadows cast from naught,
stirring on the shattered embankments,
meddling in the deep waters,
listening to their silence
brought by the wail of the wind.
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