A Castaway

After The Tragedy

Counter this weight, my back will break
but I'll sail away from you; I am searching for the truth
dark clouds disperse, my will is first
moving further from your arms
feeling distant and disarmed
follow the sun into the sky
like a dream that never dies I know why I was denied

It's hard to breathe I'm lost at sea
The storm is closing in on me
I broke away, I swam for days
a castaway, yeah
I'm giving up, I give to you
everything that I've pursued
you lift me up, your Word is love
a song is not enough

Turn towards the sky just one more time
did I have my will in life? Did I justify my flight?
Like worms in spring, I'll surface to breathe
catching glimpses of the sky
but the sun will melt my eyes
follow your love into your arms
leaving arrogance behind, I will give it all this time.


We'll sing to you, over, and over again

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