Agallah Freestyle


[Don Bishop Agallah]
I looked out for a lot of y'all man
Y'knahmean? I never forget, y'knahmean?
I never forgot, what got me here man, Purple City
Y'knahmsayin? I wanna thank e'rybody man
Everybody man that put somethin into this Agallah experience ya heard?

Remember, I gave some of these rap chicks they first start
Like I was a director, givin actors they first part
Foxy made the cover, and Shyne he did the video
They was like WOOP WOOP like Arsenio
This rap shit took me all over the world
Yeah, all of y'all remember "Ghetto Girl," listen
I had mad hoes in the hood
They all could relate, they understood
I remember when I got my first check
I had the money the power and the respect
But I thought niggaz was my mans
Throwin monkey wrenches all in my plans
Niggaz robbed my crib when I wasn't home
Took the MP down to the cordless phone
Caught a headache, damn had to hold my down
The thought of betrayal, that'll make a nigga zone
But I never slipped my mind
A talent, true story, Ag' gon' shine
Ike with me, he ain't far behind
Biggie and Pun and L, the greatest of all rhymes
Y'all give it up, one more time
I got a iced out knife and a platinum nine
Niggaz know that I'm strapped, I clap with mine
Yeah, don't get it twisted it's BRRAP with mine

[repeat 2X]
I been up in this game for too long
I built this Purple City shit too strong
It's time for my niggaz to move on
Yeah, I'ma put my shoes on
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