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Dung dehpurple ting riddim


intro:na na na na nau
na na na nau,,war never mek it,
love we haffi set it dung deh

war never mek it dung deh
our pride dem want tek it dung deh
our live we haffi set it dung deh
and never let dem control yah self
you done know you haffi behave yah self

gimme love and affection
nuff war everywhere nuh know where ago start di next one
too much weapon inna dem hand fi another dead man mi never ago follow dem plan caw yah done dem wrong
so please lord help dem
if deh any problem deh solve dem
yeah di youth dem you haffi raise dem and rearrange dem
caw jah jah know me and jah jah show me di right way
so dat's why me haffi give thanks and praise every day every single day


tek a look arround and wacth this
nuff people dem a so heartless
give no education fi back we
and dat di only ting me fight wid



war never mek it,
love we haffi set it dung deh
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