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Toxic Shock

Agnostic Front

Toxins - buried underground,
Seep into the water,
Dioxin - she drank for nine straight months,
Deformed her unborn daughter,
Factories - spewing poison fumes,
The cause of acid rain, destroy crops and animals,
Lives flushed down the drain.
Radon - creeps up from the earth,
Public dies of cancer,
Danger - of chemical nightmare,
When will we find the answer,
Barrels leak the vile substance,
There's no containing them,
Contamination - of the food we eat,
Absorb plutonium.
Seconds ticking fast away,
On earth's bio clock,
Politicians allow the dumping,
Must be forced to stop,
I hope they live on an abandoned waste site,
And die of toxic shock.
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