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Face Down


You're out on the street escaping in the dark,
feeling tension, sweating blood,
Watching with fixation, watch out!
The predators, the predators are coming!

You get out on the street creaking in the night,
remains of mankind, and strains of their war
You're afraid, you are going insane.
The predators, the predators are coming!

You're out on the street running through the blackness,
the sounds of the hunting, the sounds of your end,
this is the end yeah!
This is the end, no matter what I say, no matter what I pray,
Who cares what I say, who cares what I pray, what the f***,
I'm f***ed up anyways!

Criminal, criminal, lawbreaker

Face down, Motherf***er!
Face down You scum!
Face down Piece of sh**!
Face down don't dare to move your head!
Face down Motherf***er!
Face down You wet back!
Face down Cop killer! one move and you're dead!
Face down (x2)

Criminal, Criminal, Lawbreaker
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