Ku Klux Klan


Of their own prejudice, just full of
And always judging, remaking
Poor fallen angels, behind the
You fuckin loosers, stay away from me
Achild in the dark damnation
Kingdom of terror damnation
Pleasure to kill damnation
Pray for your sins damnation
Open up your eyes
Open up your ears

Take a look around
Cause the time is near
Skin is all they see
In the name of God
Sacrifice your race
Violence is all what you see
Decadence is all you will feel
End of time, the end of belief
Agony and pain to be free
Who the hell you think you are
Everlasting master of humanity
I'm not guilty for your problems
For your fear and for your life
Don't have reason for your sickness
Your the one who knows damns well
Now bad feeling are aproaching
Gettin' worse can't you tell
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