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Liquid Bliss


A glassy stare across the room
Reveals of a life that burned up too soon
The price for pleasure is so high
In a world of sorrow
You needed just a little more
To find out what you're really living for
You turned a handful of dreams
Into dust

You've got two coal stones in your eyes
Your life is like a bunch of lies
Did you ever realize
The blood-stained reality
You shiver from the coldness inside
Cold turkey hits you by surprise
You sink into an eternal isolation

You rolled the dice with your life
And found your sweet paradise
Now you know the ugly truth
You're livin' a nightmare in disguise
Tell me man who is gonna wipe away
Those tears of blood

You can feel the needle sticking under your skin
A burning rush and the smell of sin
The poison corrupts your mind
With confusion
You have lost the sense of time
Your lifeless lump ain't worth a dime
At the end of the line
There'll be no tomorrow

Liquid paradise
Nightmare in disguise
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