1. 1

    Akinyele - Butt Naked

  2. 2

    Akinyele - 30 Days

  3. 3

    Akinyele - Ak Da Hoe

  4. 4

    Akinyele - Ak Ha Ha Ak Hoo Hoo

  5. 5

    Akinyele - Avaruuden Aikataulut

  6. 6

    Akinyele - Bags Packed

  7. 7

    Akinyele - Break a Bitch

  8. 8

    Akinyele - Checkmate

  9. 9

    Akinyele - Coochie

  10. 10

    Akinyele - Dear Diary

  11. 11

    Akinyele - Down South

  12. 12

    Akinyele - Exercise

  13. 13

    Akinyele - Fuck Me For Free

  14. 14

    Akinyele - Get Up

  15. 15

    Akinyele - Haukipudas

  16. 16

    Akinyele - How Do You Feel

  17. 17

    Akinyele - I Luh Hur

  18. 18

    Akinyele - In The World

  19. 19

    Akinyele - In The Zone

  20. 20

    Akinyele - Juan Valdez, Love

  21. 21

    Akinyele - Messing With My Cru

  22. 22

    Akinyele - No Exit

  23. 23

    Akinyele - Outta State

  24. 24

    Akinyele - Pussy Makes the World Go Round

  25. 25

    Akinyele - Put It In My Mouth

  26. 26

    Akinyele - Put It In Your Mouth

  27. 27

    Akinyele - Rather Fuck You ["Featuring Complexion/Curly"]

  28. 28

    Akinyele - Really Love Me

  29. 29

    Akinyele - Sex in the City

  30. 30

    Akinyele - Sha La La

  31. 31

    Akinyele - Sister, Sister

  32. 32

    Akinyele - Sky's the Limit

  33. 33

    Akinyele - Stay Wild

  34. 34

    Akinyele - Take a Lick

  35. 35

    Akinyele - The Bomb

  36. 36

    Akinyele - The Robbery Song

  37. 37

    Akinyele - Three

  38. 38

    Akinyele - Worldwide

Stay Wild


Yo, yo, yo
This is the noise that you make when you runnin with a wild crew
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild
Havin sex with latex and still gettin burnt through
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild
Holdin tec-9's, german luger 22's pointed at you
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild

Once again i return, leavin you hooked like worms
To burn punk rappers like some type of sick dick sperm
They say ak is, so obnoxious
I sew motherfuckers like osh koshes
And insert cock in bitches crotches
Blaze by phony niggaz like fiber optics
Life goes out to bj known as sueve
I'm the hottest shit on the streets
Ever since the tar dried upon the pavement
Yes, yes!the rhythm, the rebel
Huh, without a pause, i run through ju-ju-and-ju
Like a holocaust with no remorse
The blue collar boss, known at the {?}
Punk rappers attack us like lee patches tryin to rip us off
Ready to come, fiend for this loot, but nevertheless
Us niggaz stayin wearin a vest, like a three piece suit
So you can shoot, or either shoop like, salt-n-pepa
See that girl group nuttin' nyce, they know i'm down for whateva
Wheneva, whereva, howeva, ripley believe it or not
There's no days never (never.. never..)
My slant mouth muzzle as i guzzle on a 40 ounce
A puzzle cause they still can't, put it together
It's the thug that kills, i take your face, out the freezer
And show you heaters that'll defrost your ice grill
I'm +ill+, +al skratch+, like mills and his wb
Is +real+ in my +world+ and i'm not talkin no, mtv
I'm talkin bout, akinyele
The grown woman getter
I keep fly girl birds on my shoulder sweater like beretta
It's all about cheddar
I make more cheese than mozzarella
So when you see me on the street you better say "hi akafella"
Huh, you know i mastered this shit
I put my signatures on spatulas in case i gotta flip the script
Walkin the streets, with my lefrak crew soundin like..

[chorus: akinyele]
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild
This is the sound that you say when you runnin with the wild crew
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild
For the niggaz havin sex with latex and still gettin burnt through
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild
Tec-9's, german lu's, 22's
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild
Aimed at you.. aimed at you..
(i recognize realize) real niggaz stay wild
Aimed at you.. yes, yes, yes, yes, check it

Rob swift.. rob swift.. rob swift.. rob swift!

Check it, turn it down
Forget all that five minute long song and not sayin nuttin
It only take us but two minutes and some odd seconds
To get to the point, because real niggaz stay wild

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