Story Of My Life (feat. Billy Blue)


Billy blue:
Oooh that what it is

Ehhh ehhhh ehhh
Konvict music, this is my life

Akon and blue yeah

This is the story of my life
Shot in the ghetto, born in the belly of the beast, i am a product of these streets, eh-oh
This is the story of my life
Standing on my toes, doin' what i gotta do to make this cheese, everybody hearin me, eh-oh
This is the story of my life
(***** not understood)
Everytime i step out i face 20 years
This is the story of my life
If you been goin through this thenn please throw up your (****) highh
If it's youur life

Billy blue:

I'm coming from the hood
I live a life of crime
I know you heard stories, but nothing like mine
See i was born a g
Mama died without warning me
All i know is poverty
Slaying drugs and robbery
Mugging like everyday
Im meanest to society
Foul on the side of me
Who got the balls to betray me
I can't see nothing there
Had a dollar and fifteen cents
Steady hustling dropped outta school
Ain't seen me since
Lived a life of scene
Got a shot, had to breathe again
My face on the tv and what this little mind gonna need again
I ain't trying to make a dollar i ain't trying to make it free

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