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Ball And Chain

Aldo Nova

How many nights
How many days do I wait here for you?
Have you long forgotten all the things we'd said?

And how many times must I let the phone ring
Just to get you?
Could it be that now this love has long gone dead, oh

No, no, thought it hasn't been so long
No, I'm sure you're feelings gone and then

Love, love feels like a ball and chain
What a fool I've been to fall in love again
Love, love when will it ever end?
I don't think that I can ever love again

Well, how many nights have I stayed by the phone
Just to hear from you?
Could it be that I just wanna hear you say

That all of this time you'd been thinkin' alone
Wonderin' what to do
And that I love you is all you wanna say
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