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Aldren Liebe

Come with me
To see the end of the world
End of the seas
End of everything

Taking our souls
That evil we don't see
Fallin' to the misery
Never rest in peace
Years of chaos
We made judging to be right
To create a society (free of demons)
But burning to the ground

You live an empty life

You live an empty life
For something you don't see
Fear of hell (the hell is here)

To be the painting and similarity
Is an illusion to me?

God will never be so stupid and weak
Never so coward

Human's fall
Come from our hands
And the best things we have
Are putrefying in our past

Last walk to the end
We already lost (our souls)
We already,
Destruct (our happiness)

What we have now
Is just that
Conscience pure and heavy
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