Beyond the Fear

Aldren Liebe

At last
We are here
The old hopes will never come back
Praying for us, I grow into madness

Do you remember the fear in those chains?
Try to keep away from that sadness way
Lose your soul in the abyss from the last faith
By the night, I felt your soul
Trying to feed, embracing me
Crying for thee and for me

Now, all the gates are open
Power of illusions has failed
Don't you believe in that beauty?

Don't do that mistakes again
You made an empire of lies
You cry for nothing

I'll try to find in other smiles
What you taught me

How to live
How to smile
How great is the life inside
How long we need to be here?
Do you remember?

The children walkin' through the graves
You smile for them
Down the ages we are destined to lose
To get a wrong way

Will we find the right way?
The stars will never left us
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