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I Will Worship You

Alessandra Samadello

Sometimes we think we have it all
Sometimes we think we know what's best
Sometimes we bow to the applause of men
Sometimes we feel our hearts are broken
Sometimes our thoughts steal our faith
Reminding us we are nothing without you
When things are falling all around
When sadness comes to hurt our feelings
And everybody wants to see us strong
For all moments of frustration
For every step along the way
I learned to open up my heart to you
Receive my soul, oh Lord
And show me all your love
I want to be with you forever more

For every moment of everyday I'll trust you
For every breath I take I'll love you faithfully
For all the blessings I've received from you
For all the lessons I have learned
I will worship you my Lord, forever
I will worship you my Lord, forever
(I will always worship you)

For everything you've suffered
For all your precious blood
For all the love you showed me
I will always worship you, my Lord.

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