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Alex G

Sarah runs to feel the burning in her lungs
To clear her head
Do you know what sarah meant
When she said
You be my guest
To keep the pace
To save your face
You’ll never make the place
But do you even run the race?

I can’t be what you need
I am stuck in a dream
I am stuck in a dream
Don’t you know
She’s been here all along
In a dream?
She belongs in a dream

Every day
I’ll make promises that plague sarah’s heart
So I can watch her fall apart
'Cause I know when I break her down
We’ll spit on all the happy plans
That live around this sunny town
She loves me like a dog
And when we mess around
I’ll let her know the truth
I can’t rely on hope with fate
And every time I wake
I second guess the game I play
That I make a mistake
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