Alex Kaneko


once upon a time I thought I knew
what was what and who was who
what to say and what to do for you

once upon a time I thought I'd see
how it is and how its meant to be
but now its all just fairy tales for me
but there's a you and me so

someday I'll find a way
to take us back to yesterday
cuz I've told myself I'm wrong
but I've kept this lie for way too long
someway I'll find to say
I'll give away my everyday
but not today

I wish for more but I get only one
my only chance with you has come and gone
we've reached a end and we've only just begun

Its only now that I can finally show
and only now that you can finally know
but soon I know it'll seem like long ago
but its what I owe so


how does it feel to be
my night's brightest light?
one day I'll make you see
you brought the colors into my life

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