Alex Megane

(Female Voice)
We were layin' on the whitest sand,
Oh sun above us in a foreign land;
Seemed like you and me,
Could wait forever

Oh but the clouds pulled in and the sky got dark,
Then it kind of seemed like the wind picked up;
A cold wave was coming,
Time to run now or never more

So come out of the storm why don't you babe?
Tell me that you love me that your love wont' change,
'Cuz the winds blowing now gonna turn into a hurricane;
So come into my heart why don't you babe?
Show me what you got if you need me today,
'Cuz the winds coming now gonna blow into a hurricane


[Instrumental Break]

So we took cover from the pouring rain,
In an old broken down forgotten place,
Up on high ground where
The flood wouldn't drown us

Oh the night was long the wind was cold,
On your shoulder out the storm I rode,
We were waiting for morning,
to make our getaway...

[Repeat Chorus]

[Instrumental Break]

[Repeat Chorus]

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