Love Makes No Sense

Alexander O'Neal

In a world of confusion, there's only one thing we can rely on; and that's love

Love makes no sense

3, 2, 1

Come with me I never stray from all the joy and all the pain

I'm no psychologist there's some who will insist
It makes the world go round (yeah that's what they say, what they say)
There's many questions out there that I don't know
But I figured out that love makes no sense

Somebody told me foolish people fall in love
Heartache and heartbreak to play the game is not enough
I paid my dues when it comes to love
I get so confused but I'll never give it up no way, no way
I lay my heart on the line but somtimes I don't know why
I don't know why

When love is good it's really good
And when love is bad it hurts so bad
I know no matter come with me I never stray
Through all the joy and all the pain I'm still the same
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