Ghetto Girl

Alicia Keys

Scratch that!,C'mon…..

(beat boxing)

[Alicia Keys]
(Talkin'with the beat)

Party people in the place to be,
We are Krucial Keys, you know what I'm sayin'.
On the left of me, I got my man MC Kerry these nuts….
On the beats my man Luquantum Leap, you know what I'm sayin'.
As for me, (Alicia Keys) As for me,
I go by the crush grooving;
body moving; record makin';
piano playin'; world tourin';
fo shoin'….
Lemme break it down to you a lil' something like this-s-s,

(Raps to the beat)

I wanna see this like wha-wha-wha-what,1…2, 1…2,
They call me Lellow, that's l-e-ll-ow….wha-wha-wha-what,1…2, 1…2,
But you-you-you should call me GHETTO GIRL!! ………


'Cause When I speak, I speak the way I like,
Stay out my business, you may be aiight,
You know I aint scared to fight ya RIGHT! ,
Why's that? 'Cause I'm a GHETTO GIRL! , (Get my)
Hair done by Do-minicans, my nails are fly with the touchy shit,
Im a bust-ler and a hust-ler, but first of all I'm a GHETTO GIRL!
Hard knocks! Of every city, Hard blocks! Of every grittay.
New York City's very ruuudee!, that's why I got a fuckin' attitude,
'Cause I'm a ghetto girl, all over the world!
All over the world!
Don't you know I'm a ghetto girl, all over the world!
And the streets keep, (pause)
calling' me, calling' me, streets keep…..
calling' me, calling' me….street's keep….
calling' me, calling' me, calling' me, calling' me (Ghetto Girl!)

(Beat boxing stops)

[Alicia Keys says:]

What?, aint no more to it
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