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Morbid Egoismus

Alle Sterne Sterben

My divinity, search for mercy
for the curse that I put in thee
but i cant hold the pain
for see you happy without my love
living in same place, but
so far away from each other
I wanted you back
loving me like before
giving your soul delightful
for my pure dreams

Like a sacrilege, I get my wishes
your body and your soul, till my dying

In that relation unstable, the fear
of lost you for other
take me to the last consequences
to take the life of my love
get therefor your body
and your soul, trapped in my own
sickly egoism, anguish
wander through the house in silent empty
living blood where it touches
want that I free you

I cant fight against this love
that ecstase of your body offers me
your life now is nothing but a lie
and my caresses rotting your skin
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