Out With The Old

Alley Life

Out with the Old Lyrics
Out with the old in with the new ...
Mark said kept it clean - do this
Straight from the streets
Run and tell them kids
B.P. is back with the new ...

Who this press don't be stupid
Useless why you so damn dufus
A. L. K. (missing lyrics)
If you bad mouth me then you gettin' two hits
One to the eye - one to the lip
And all this here comin' straight from the hip
And all I wanna do is make music and get paid
like the Slim Shady dude did
For the love of the game I'm gunna - do this
Get rap like sex cause I - move it
And I'm gonna sit around for the revenue split
When the band altogether (missing lyrics)
Cause I...

Being in a band it's hard to survive
When you playin' in the clubs and love to get high

Out with the old in with the new shi-
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Out with the old in with the new shi-
Yo yo yo

Yo what they want
Yo I think they want mo' mo'
Oh How you know
cause they all screamin' go go go

Who was the people screaming go go
The same one's that was screamin' mo' mo'
The same one's that was comin' in the back do'
The same one's that was gettin' high up n the front ro'

Also n I like to blow nose
Get drunk throw up right before shows
Do it in the open or on the lo' lo'
I don't give a -- about the po' po'

Yeah I'm thug down to (missing lyrics)
(missing lyrics)
If I can't get one pound of the dough

(rest missing)
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