Head Over Heels (remix)


(feat. AZ & Tone of Trackmasters)

Now who keeps the party locked all night?
Makes it feel right, wit more hits tonight
You know you uptight, when my crew's insight
The one you wanna be like, but I ain't Mike
Got jams for that ass, no I can't lose
Shit, Timbaland couldn't fill my shoes
I got illa hits wit, illa whips &
Illa chickss on a illa remix.... check it

Head over heels
This you know best
I'm stuck when I'm with you ohhh
Don't know right from left
And I wanna love you
You should know
That I'm falling in love
And I'm head over heels
Hey you

[CHORUS: Allure]
Head over heels for you
& my darling it's true
I love you (I love you)
My baby can't you see
I don't want you to be wit nobody

Now do you believe
Believe what I'm sayin'
Indeed when I'm with you
You I'm hopin' & prayin' yeah
For you to take over
& bring my ?man?
I wanna make sure I'm right
Before I hold tight
And in love, fallin' over you


Yo let's tote glasses & stretch out on a old matress
Just the sight of your eyes, I catch cold flashes (Yeah)
Conversatin' throwin' low passes, so let's crack this
Magnum Mo & got at this (C'mon)
Been tight for a few now
Know the crew now (Uh huh)
Old school style, call you boo now
A small thing what a phone call bring (Ha, ha, ha)
Let Allure sing
Rockin' like this all spring

I'm head over you
I don't wan't nobody else
I'm fallin' oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Head over, over, over, heals
My darling it's you I'm head over
Can't you see
I'm head over


Y'all gonna tell me I'm gonna sto
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