One More Take

Alma Thomas

This thing I got is a calling of sorts
so be careful how you approach it
Its not like high school when we would get drunk
while mom and dad didn't notice
Its more like when things were easy and there wasn't
nothin' in the way of our intentions

Just follow me there'll be somethin' for us
So its when and where that's the question
We traveled far to get closer to home
In all honesty I never mentioned
There was a time when I couldn't get it done
But I never ran from second handed chances

I feel like I'm in a movie
and someone just told me the camera is on
Give me just one more take and
I swear it's the last time I'll get it wrong

Cause on take two I was holdin' my breath
and I couldn't show you my passion
They say the third time's a charm so good luck
cause I'm comin' home and this time will be different
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