Every Day/ A Heart Full Of Love (Reprise)

Amanda Seyfried

Every day you walk with stronger step.
You walk with longer step.
The worst is over.

Every day,
I wonder every day
Who was it brought me here
From the barricade.

Don't think about it, marius.
With all the years ahead of us,
I will never go away,
And we will be together every day.
Every day,
We'll remember that night
And the vow that we made:

A heart full of love.
A night full of you.
The words are old
But always true.
Oh, god, for shame,
You did not even know my name.

Dear mademoiselle
I was lost in your spell.

[Valjean appears, but marius and cosette do not see him.]

Cosette: [in counterpoint]
A heart full of love
No fear no regret
"My name is marius pontmercy."

Valjean: [to himself, in counterpoint]
She was never mine to keep
She is youthful
She is free.

Cosette, cosette!

Cosette: [in counterpoint]
I saw you waiting and I knew.

Valjean: [in counterpoint]
Love is the garden of the young.

Waiting for you.

Let it be.

At your feet.

Let it be.

At your call.

[They see valjean.]

Marius and cosette: [in counterpoint]
And it wasn't a dream.
Not a dream
After all.

Valjean: [in counterpoint]
A heart full of love
This I give you
On this day.
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