1. 1

    Amboog-A-Lard - A Matter Of Honor

  2. 2

    Amboog-A-Lard - A New Hope

  3. 3

    Amboog-A-Lard - Art Of Sin

  4. 4

    Amboog-A-Lard - Beyond Innsanity

  5. 5

    Amboog-A-Lard - Disease

  6. 6

    Amboog-A-Lard - Do Or Do Not

  7. 7

    Amboog-A-Lard - Medicine Man (L.O.G.R.A.Y)

  8. 8

    Amboog-A-Lard - Tentando Me Dizer

  9. 9

    Amboog-A-Lard - Trouble

  10. 10

    Amboog-A-Lard - Winds

A Matter Of Honor


A tear from a boy. Will he be proud to wave the flag one day? (Symbolism can't convey) A mother cries. Will she be able to fill her needs? (Patriotism cannot feed) Break through the shelter Of a rotten perfect Earth. A flower reached to the heavens Create a revolution To bring back yesterday. Blossomed fool to lead the way. You won't let me live You'd rather see me die What am I worth to you? Another alibi. So the story goes. Wll, I can see inside. What are you worth to me? My honor and my pride. A slave to the system. A wrench in the machine. (Forefathers forgotten) Rising in the distance. From seeds of discontent we are born!!!

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