Ambulance Ltd

you pin the medals to your chest
and settle down for seven minutes rest
you dim the lights, administer the cure
you tried it several times, you're still not sure

you take the first one for free
and pass it on to me
i don't refuse
baby, if you only knew
but i don't think you do

you take the lines from ordinary books
you're disappointed in the way she looks
you cut the circulation to your hand
and calculate the motion of the land

then you, fall back asleep
and wander down the street that loses you
don't say you feel the same way too
honey, i don't think you do

you cut the worms and bait them on the hooks
you cast a line towards the closest brooks
you meet the girl who says she knows the plan
you act impressed and say you understand
'cause you, like to believe, that all that love is free
oh, someone like you, will never be lonely, or not go through
but darlin', it's not true
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