Amel Larrieux

Oh Ho Ho Hooooo
Oh woooo

Some people got that (Je Ne Se Quoi)
I don't know where you just have to look back(two times,two times)
A walking invitation(into the fire)
Or higher ground,a mystical combination(It's like,it's like)

[Pre Chorus]
Deep wide eyes reflecting the planets
In the outer space
Swaggering down the block
like Saturn's rings around your waist
God was good to you but she done
went an extra mile
he slapped on those heart-shaped lips of which
when they form a smile
I'm in

Oooo, trouble
(repeat 2x)

2nd verse- Words have not been spoken(you might hate Jazz)
I may not be a big fan of Beethoven(it's alright,alright)
I have been captured(you hold the key)
In those lovely hands conducting this rapture(Lord have mercy)

[Pre Chorus]


Bridge- Lord have mercy on me
Lord have mercy,cherie
what have you conjured up on me
me nah ac' a fool for nobody

Lord have mercy on me
q'est que tu me fais,cherie
Lord have mercy on me
Lord have mercy

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