All You Need


Everyone is watching me close
But somehow nobody even knows
The thoughts inside my head or all the
Changes that I've got to show

The rumors and the he said she said
The life they chose for me but instead
I'll take every word and fuel this
Fire of my own

And I don't care what they'll say

The world is yours for the taking
There's nothing here that's out of reach
It's your time to make them all remember
Everything that you can be

So paint your dreams in the skyline
And make everyone here believe
Just live your life for every moment
And in turn, life will be all that you need

See now it's so easy to let go
The promises you made, a no show
You thought that you could fool me but
Its time you learned I'm so much more

Cuz I'll make a sound
So that they will listen
Turn around
It's you that is missing
Out, I'll shut the door and walk away

From the games you've tried to play

Two hands will shake
Two hearts will break
And I will be caught off guard
But in time you'll learn and we
Will be the stars
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