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Telephone Wires

American Eyes

Turn me on telephone wires
I'm tangled up for good
My mom says don't get carried away
Tonight I will sleep so good

My tiny match is burning constant apathy
Your tiny lungs are screaming for some suffering
I'll hold you close at night
I'll tuck you in for a while

Well, all dolled up, now put on all your make up
You're screaming look at me
All tied up and contagious
Come on, lets celebrate
We gotta celebrate
Get hot hot hot

My flesh is cold and your skin is on fire
I bite my lower lip to bleed with desire
Oh, the simple things
Don't fuck with simple things
Let's scam all night and hold on
Get up and get off
We're all getting hot hot hot
Touch me, feel me, hot hot hot

Pick up the phone and turn a trick or two
Take it back now so good
With your power and your batteries
Turn me on
With our collison we start a fire
That no one can save

Lets make love for no good reason
Smear that make up off don't even
Tell me you name
Lets do bad bad things
For just one night we will say
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