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    American Lesion - Back To Earth

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    American Lesion - Cease

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    American Lesion - Fate's Cruel Hand

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    American Lesion - In The Mirror

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    American Lesion - Maybe She Will

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    American Lesion - Opinion

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    American Lesion - Predicament

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    American Lesion - The Elements

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    American Lesion - The Fault Line

  10. 10

    American Lesion - When I Fail

Back To Earth

American Lesion

He wakes with the glow of adventure and hope
The morning smells sweet and replete with opportunity
He dressed into another day feeling lucky to be alive
Though nobody follows him he's sure the future's bright
Bring him back
Someone's going to have to bring him back to earth
He's getting out of hand
His alacrity for life is more than people stand
Bring him back to earth
Discipline and toil, well it made her blood boil
The finer things were impatient waiting discovery
Like a bird in spring the sun made her sing
With seeming inattention she was on to other things
Bring her back
Someone's going to have to bring her back to earth
She's way too high
Her alacrity for life ain't going to help her get by
Bring her back to earth
Who's it going to be?
I can assure you
It ain't gonna be me
Bring them back
Someone's gonna try and bring them back to land
And I'll be there
To catch them when they fall and send them up again
Bring them back to earth
Bring them back to earth

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