The Montreal Screw Job

American Me

I can't forgive you
This distance shorter as
The embering flames
Show retraction to your malice
With my false judgement
I can't fathom this commitment
You were lost in a time
Which i forgot
And i'm backwards
And you didn't think of me
You're beautiful i have never seen
Dangerous hands leave incisions
They tear at me
My bleeding heart torn from it's rightful place
You're crushing i'm helpless
You're loving but heartless
Our fall has passed
And a wintertime
Has set in
It's touching this soul
It's touching this space that's not filled
I wander alone in my perfect world
But an inch is missing
Remind me of that moment
When my heart was alive for you
You're beautiful
I have never seen
Your pretty hands leave incisions
They tear at me my bleeding heart
Torn from it's rightful place
Save me a place in hell
Save me a place in hell with you
Would you sit there staring at me
Confident but all too depending
As a sculpture that bleeds at me
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