You Were, You Are, You'll Always Be

American Wild West

Standing by your door
While you sleep i think about the day we've met
Dancing with you
While the jukebox played we made one seem like two

So you made my heart beat out of the time
And if you want to know
You'll always do

The sun's coming up
And i know that while i'm dreaming you're at your high scool
But if you only knew what i'm dreaming
Maybe you could see the truth

And bet, my baby, you'll never think about waking me up
'cause i'm dreaming with you

You were the one who made me feel
Like i never felt with someone new
You're the piece of heaven on the earth
You're the sweetest melody to hear
You're an angel whisper in my ear
You were, you are, you'll always be with me


How would i live without you in this cold and empty world
If everything i do and everything i live
Is you

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