Leather And Wood


Somethin for ya to.. ride to
So uhh, let it bump in the trunk cause

It's all to the good
when you're bumpin in the leather and wood
It's all to the good
when you're bumpin in the leather and wood

I jumps in the Lex-o, on the way to L.A.
Had a payday, now I need a boo-tay
Too many freaks rollin with they top down
I'm a hound, so I clown and turn up my sound
Light a beadie up, see a hoe I wanna know
so I speed it up, hope she eat it up
Too quick on my dick, then she jumped in
Star struck little hooker with a rump
Lookin like a melon
She knows I get paid for sellin my spellin
I'm tellin ya, 17 was the age of the P-Y-T
Hey you need to ride with me
She said as my head shook no
Park the bucket you tramp and don't slam my do'
As she got in, all I had to say was
Damn Cube, today +was+ a good day

[Chorus x2]

Had a early booty call about 10:30
Got the eight-five-oh, cause the Lex' is dirty
Had to go and get the hooker from the Wood
No drama, cause it used to be my hood
Hit the horn for the hoodrat to come out (c'mon)
Long hair, redboned booty no doubt
She's the freak of the week, that's what my homies
Thinkin I'm a trick and a treat, like a holiday
but I gots better plans for mine (what?)
I ain't even tryin to pass the time
Took the hoe to the beach y'know
Got her high off the bomb ass indo
And the bitch got naked in the B-M
Then I rocked that ass, like a coliseum
And that's how it goes you know
When you fuck with the three to the oh and fo'
Cause it's

[Chorus x2]

Check this out, yeah
Feelin grand in the blue Cherokee
Sippin on a little Coke and Hennessey
Pager blowin up and lookin like the voicemail
Tenderoni wanna meet me at the hotel
On the way to the spot, I see Poppa LQ
and Girbaud, with a car full of hoes
And they want me to stop, but I cain't cause
I'm on my way to see E, to get the bombudd
Get the smoke then I'm headed down Pico
Bust a right on the way, to the Nico
Lookin fly in Kani walkin through the lobby
Bout to go to the suite and hit my favorite hobby
As I walked in the door to get the booty Hobbes
She fell down to her knees and gave me props
And she's lookin like a queen to me
Got a number two fiend for the jeep to creep
Cause it's

[Chorus x2]
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