Cry a River

Amy Grant

Who Knew Love Would Come Walking Thru' My Door
Turn a Light On Somewhere Down Inside
And Give Me a Feeling I'd Never Had Before
It Was a Long Wait
It Was Just the Wrong Time

But I Hope You'll Hold Me Now
Somewhere Within
And When You Think About
What Might Have Been

Cry a River
Flood the Sea
Cry a River Over Me
Take the Bitter
With the Sweet
And Cry a River Over Me

How Can You Argue With a Feeling in Your Bones
'bout What Is and What Isn't Meant to Be
Some Things You Live With
But You Never Let It Show
Like the Pain I Felt
The Day I Watched You Leave

But I Hope You'll Think of Me
When Tender Winds Blow
Sit On the Shores of Love
And Just Let It Go
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