Your flesh belongs to me, humiliation is my pleasure
Blood is also part of the ritual
With tools of corporal destruction
Whips, daggers, daggers and knives
Everything will be used to cut you
Your body will be violated and torn by my morbid game

Thai balls are introduced in your ass
Handcuffs arrest their pulses and they gangrene the blood
Their eyes begging for mercy
While I choose which breast will start with the axe
I spill my hot sperm on you
Mixing with urine and catarrh
You won't be penetrated by me
But for my beautiful insects

First I put a cockroach in your vagina
It walks for their bowels and it scratches your uterus
Then I put a rat in your ass to lacerate your colon
You struggle and I masturbate
Since I watch you suffer with my creatures
From here I can see the cockroach inside of you
And to listen the rat gnawing you
Bondage... You implore for my mercy.
Bondage... I deserve your flesh!
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