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    Anastasia - Foi No Mês de Dezembro

  2. 2

    Anastasia - Once Upon a December

  3. 3

    Anastasia - Viagem Ao Passado

  4. 4

    Anastasia - Once Upon a December (Russian Version)

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    Anastasia - Há Rumores Em São Petersburgo

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    Anastasia - No Escuro da Noite

  7. 7

    Anastasia - In My Dreams

  8. 8

    Anastasia - Paris

  9. 9

    Anastasia - Journey To The Past

  10. 10

    Anastasia - Você Vai Aprendendo

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    Anastasia - In The Dark Of The Night

  12. 12

    Anastasia - At The Beginning

  13. 13

    Anastasia - Loin Du Froid de Décembre

  14. 14

    Anastasia - Una Vez En Diciembre (España)

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    Anastasia - Let Outside Alone

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    Anastasia - A Rumor In St. Petersburg

  17. 17

    Anastasia - C'est Le Début

  18. 18

    Anastasia - For længe siden en vinter

  19. 19

    Anastasia - Learn To Do It

  20. 20

    Anastasia - Learn To Do It (Waltz Reprise)

  21. 21

    Anastasia - Mi-e Dor de Tine

  22. 22

    Anastasia - Paris Holds The Key To Your Heart

  23. 23

    Anastasia - Stay, I Pray You

  24. 24

    Anastasia - Supergirl

  25. 25

    Anastasia - Time

  26. 26

    Anastasia - Una Noche Fatal

  27. 27

    Anastasia - Você Vai Aprendendo (Reprise)

  28. 28

    Anastasia - Voyage Dans Le Temps

Paris Holds The Key To Your Heart



Ooh la la...

Welcome, my friends, to Paris!
Here, have a flower, on me.
Forget where you're from,
You're in France!
Children, come!
I'll show you that French
"joie de vivre!"

Paris holds the key you your heart
And all of Paris plays a part.

You'll stroll two by two
Down what we call "la rue"

And soon all Paris will be singing to you!
Ooh la la! Ooh la la! Ooh la la!

Paris holds the key to l'amour!

And not even Freud knows the cure!

There's love in the air!

At the Follies Bergere!

The French have it down to an art!

Paris holds the key to your heart!
Ooh la la!

When you're feeling blue
Come to Le Moulin.
When your heart says don't
The French say do!

When you think you can't
You'll find you can can!

Everyone can can can
You can can can too!


Paris holds the key to her past
Yes, Princess, I've found you
At last.
No more pretend
You'll be gone,
That's the end...

Paris holds the key
To your heart!

You'll be "tres jolie"
And so smart!

Come dance through the night

And forget all your woes

A city of light!

Where a rose is a rose

And one never knows what will start
Paris holds the key

to her ...


Ooh la lah....

Ooh la lah....

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