Across This Life

Ancient Bards

Ego fero
Densum malum
Primae noctis
Leti mei

Look down don't raise you head,
Just stay there where you are!
What is the quickest way
To take away that sneer?
Don't fight, don't mess with me,
Don't tell me you despise me,
'cause i don't care at all,
My heart knows no regret.

You will perish
In the attempt to
Try and stop me
Just like your father.

You took all the blame,
You grew up in pain,
All of this time you never knew,
It wasn't your fault,
The whole thing was staged.
How about now?
Where is your rage
That kept you alive
Throughout these lands, across this life
When i am the one that made him go home
Pick up a rope and hang himself

Ego fero
Densum malum
Atri leti mei
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