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    Angelgrass - Gone

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    Angelgrass - Here For You

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    Angelgrass - My Fear

Here For You


When life's going rough And time has got you down Don't think you're alone And baby please don't frown You say you're sick of this world And the pain you went through But please don't give up You know I'll be here for you. I see the tears in your eyes And the pain in your heart I hear the sound of your cries As you lay in the dark But no matter what may come Or the things you'll go through I just want you to know That I'll be here for you. When you just can't smile And you need a friend Whatever goes wrong I'll be here till the end. But I ask you one thing One thing that you could do Please be there for me When what I need is you. If it's a hope that you want And a love that is good Well I know that I'll Give you all that I could. When you cry those sweet tears And you're feeling so blue I just want you to know That I'll be here for you.

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