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Kiss & Tell

Angels & Airwaves

Lorene, love please stay a bit tonight
Call it what you like if right
Lorene, love, don’t you know I fell too hard?
Hearts never broke so well
Lorene, no, don’t you kiss and tell
No means no, don’t you kiss and tell

It’s a little red cherry
When ya bury
Any evidence you got
If ya feel a bit shallow
On the gallows
Can we try a new gun shot

Like when kids say, never say never
Runin’ blind with a pair of sharp scissors so

If I’m gonna go try this, alibi this
We are innocent but lost

It’s a bit so scary
Its a bit of pain
It’s a little like wolves at night
With a bit of fear
And an angry lover
We can disappear
But they will never let us recover

My hearts a little bit tired
And expired
Just a coward in lift-off
It’s got a little bit risky
To be happy
Toe the edge til we fall off

I’m living the worst way ever
Gettin’ high while playin’ with fire so

If I’m gonna go try this
Satisfy this
Watch the bomb I made go off
I can’t let this one go
I can’t wait this one won’t
Last if I don’t let her go
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