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God Has a Plan for Us All


Let his holy choirs sing in sodomy, praise be!
Surrender your body & soul unto him, demoralize me!

So he crept into my room
Whispered my name, took my innocents away
I'm only five, a pervert's concubine

God has a plan for us all
I've been touched by the hand of god
My sordid tale, his lie's are blasphemy

You do not believe in him but he believes, in you
He wants you to repent, all your sins, let him in, inside you!

God has a plan for us all
You are one of gods children
Get on your knee's, serve him well my child

I've fallen prey to the devil disguise

God has a plan for us all
Don´t say a word or you'll go to hell
God has a plan for you all
Open up for him! Let jesus in!
His sordid tale, his lies are blasphemy!
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