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No More Tears

Anita Baker

We used to laugh
Now all we do is cry
You used to make me happy
Now you don't even try

You're hurting me, yeah
You're doing me wrong
I can see it in your eyes
Soon you're gonna be gone

And I know I'm gonna miss you
My love I will send with you
Cause I've been down too long
And you keep doing me wrong

And there will be no more tears for you
Gonna be no more crying now
Gonna be no more tears for you
See my eyes have run dry
And there's no more tears

And no more sadden eyes
From crying through the night
Gonna gather up, gather up my feelings
And lock them all inside

So whe you say you're leaving
And you walk out my door
I'll say to myself
You can not hurt me anymore

And I know I should be crying
But instead I'm slowly dying
Cause all my love has gone
From two hearts so badly torn

(Repeat chorus)

And I know I'm gonna miss you
But for love I got me someone else
Cause I been down, been down too long
And you, you keep doing me wrong

(Repeat chorus 2x)

Ain't nobody crying
Dry, my eyes
Lord knows its gonna be fine
Its gonna be alright after a while
I'm gonna be alright if you would leave
Surely won't you try, surely won't you, baby won't you try
I'm gonna be alright
Lord knows I don't need you no more, baby
I'm gonna make it on my own
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