All they wanted was to stir up some action
They hadn't felt good in a while
All they needed was a little distraction
They never thought it'd go too far
But then the sky lit up so bright
And silence gave its rightful place
To different kinds of detonations
You just had to see the look on their faces

Firefighters couldnt keep their discretion
They were fast but couldnt keep it safe
Everybody had the same reaction
And were paralized by such display
There wasn't time to save the old life
They all had to leave it all behind
As all the flames licked the night sky
A new chance for each and all shined

Took me all this time to get here
Now i don't wanna fight
Pick another time to break me
Pick a better time
I've used up all my time and energy
Still can't believe my eyes
I've used up all my time and energy
To barely keep my mind.
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