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Behind The Wings Of Cthulhu

April Ethereal

Through the night howl in the sky
Through the hoof-beats of thunders
In the cry of the unborn child
In the shadow of the past
Beyond the thin line of the horizon
Beyond the most daring visions of poets

The myth that reached the verges of everything was born

Ate the gods and cast the shadow over the universe
And in its shade was born again
Being absent, it wanders among us
Dwells in every atom of the world
Deludes minds and souls
Of the sensitive creatures that call themselves
Its chosen ones

Now, it is a source of knowledge for us
Showing us the way we will walk on
Pointing the goals we want to achieve
In the shadow of its membrane wings
As long as the abysses of the ocean
and curved spaces of the universe
Remain undiscovered mystery
So long as he remains the first god in the pantheon

When you will see a phantom shadow
In the night sky beware
Even if it is only a dream
You will recognize him seeing his washed away, full of tentacles face
And the pair of membrane wings
Which will tuck in the night and the world and you
It will be the time of the awakening
Of the great Cthulhu
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