Cold Pillows And Warm Blades

Arma Angelus

Dear Whoever,
Here's another letter that I'll never send.
If you get this ever,
I'll be at my most bitter end.
The last time we spoke she spit only warm blades and open bombs. Now this ink is running through my veins,
So shut the fuck up and try to understand these words no breath could ever hope to carry.
She's my last big mistake.
She is the new machine. And falling into the new machine seems to be my only way out. Now.
To my defeater: don't even bother to read this.
I will fail you every single time. The sound of her voice sharpens my flaws into daggers.
So let's toast this to my utter loss.
The though of forever disgusts me. Blankets of snow fall deep into failure.
Your cold pillow beckons me to close your eyes forever.
The sun is getting dull and I awaken cold and alone.
So just give me an ending.
Give me one more reason.
Yeah yeah yeah.
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