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The Age Of Steel


If the sands of time ran fast
A sad future you could see
An era of fear and ruthiess wars
Shocked starships landed one night
From the deepest space they came
Invading forces ready to attack
The hunt of humans had begun.
Then flames and fire burnt the sky, seas of blood shed on the ground
They brought mankind to an age of fear
Death or slavery for all your life.
The allied armies of the earth's
Been destroyed by aliens' bursts
Only a weapon could break their shields
The shining blade of a sword of steel.
On the top Everest,
And in the Mariana Trench survive
The last fortresses of free men
The rebels of steel"
Invincible were their swords, hatred burns into their hearts,
Thirst of freedom will lead them to war,
It's time for the:
Age of Steel! They will dominate the invaders from the sky
Age of Steel! They will march towards the aliens' line
Age of Steel! They will crush their heads and fight until they die
Age of Steel! Their victory is the last hope for the Earth!
The warriors overwhelmed the battle fields
Slaying the oppressors with deadly rage
They broke chains, brought the steel
And like thunders disappeared.
When all hopes seemed to be lost
Few believed in the force of steel
For the freedom they fought together
Heavy Metal lives forever!
The years of terror have now faded away, fear has turned into peaceful days
Remembered as the glorious Age of Steel,
When Earth returned to life.
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