Empty Bridge


Like an empty bridge, like an empty road,
no cars passing and no one crosses.
Red lights, like a warning
and no hands for a rescue.
Like an empty boat in the middle of the Ocean.
What have you told to John?
Tell me [all] the reasons to compete.
Why did you speak with him,
if he no longer wants to leave?
Like an empty bag, like an empty room,
no one is leaving and no one sleeps.
Two years to reach his hands…
like an empty coat, like an empty dream.
I would love to change. I would love to be:
an unknown full boat in the middle of the sea.
I would love to be with you but he is my friend too.
I hope that you always be here with me,
'cause I need just what you need.
What have you told?
Tell me [all] the reasons to compete.
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