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I'm going out someday. Everything went down again.
You can have it all - the time and the things
'cause I can't take them through the outside.
I just want to stay with:
all these letters with pictures of it,
the place we have seen,
the one we can't stay on.
I cannot be with you one more night.
I know it hurts a lot. I know it hurts a lot.
And just when I was leaving,
this rainbow made me feel like lately: sad.
She just watched me go,
I know this will be our last kiss.
We can't reach the mountain in September,
We can't pass through the darkness of the night.
We can't stay there until November with this simple dream,
that we hold so tight.
hey, if I can't be with you, if you can't be with me,
how could you ever said, it's ok?
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