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    Aslan - Azaam

  2. 2

    Aslan - Crazy World

  3. 3

    Aslan - This Is

  4. 4

    Aslan - Aaten Gesaee

  5. 5

    Aslan - Angie

  6. 6

    Aslan - Anlamak Zor

  7. 7

    Aslan - Asleep, Wide Awake

  8. 8

    Aslan - Book Of Life

  9. 9

    Aslan - Chains

  10. 10

    Aslan - Cicatrizes (part. 1198)

  11. 11

    Aslan - Earth and Sky Collide

  12. 12

    Aslan - Eclipsed

  13. 13

    Aslan - Hurt Sometimes

  14. 14

    Aslan - Lucy Jones Part 1.

  15. 15

    Aslan - Lucy Jones Part 2

  16. 16

    Aslan - Me Conheça

  17. 17

    Aslan - N.S.D.N

  18. 18

    Aslan - Nerdesin

  19. 19

    Aslan - Neresindeyim

  20. 20

    Aslan - New Jerusalem

  21. 21

    Aslan - Please Dont Stop

  22. 22

    Aslan - Plight

  23. 23

    Aslan - Pretty Thing

  24. 24

    Aslan - Rainman

  25. 25

    Aslan - Siz

  26. 26

    Aslan - Tão Sexy (part. Enme)

  27. 27

    Aslan - This Time

  28. 28

    Aslan - Translucent

  29. 29

    Aslan - Triton Among the Minnows

  30. 30

    Aslan - Uslanmak Bilmedi Hayat

  31. 31

    Aslan - Where's The Sun

Triton Among the Minnows



Time has stripped away, the hours in which you hide
Twilight is growing near.
The icy cold cliff, hanging overhead
Collects his frozen tears.
Scattered along the way, remnants of flesh.
He leaves a stream of blood, beckoning your lust
Vengeance fuels your thirst.

Hideous ferocious sight, not one whose charmed
Is your hatred justified?
Your knives like shards of ice, glisten in the night
You prepare another fight.


"You declare that I'm evil, yet you bow before your pagan gods!"
He'll do what he must, in preservation
Don't blame him for your lust.

You teach your sons and daughters all of your lives
They believe what they learn, never knowing what's right
They grow to hate the monster, while you build his throne
You fertilize the enemy, with seeds of your own


Gather up your weapons now
Our time has come to purify
Leave your sympathy at the door
Make sure your hatred's magnified


I'm your fearless leader
It's time you take your turn
Though you've never killed before
Just remember all you've learned


Lean your heads back, look up high
Your destiny waits on the cliff
Our little friend, he scoffs at you
Taste the blood now on Your lips


I'll lead you into battle now
There's no need to be afraid
I'll anxiously wait your return
I'm right behind you, miles away


But daddy I'm scared
I never want to leave your side
And if we journey,
Somehow I know, that we will die





Alone for all these years
You've never shown me love
My heart is cold and frozen
It keeps me strong and tough

The moon, my only friend
I bathe in your light
I gaze into a pool
I'm lost within' the sight...

A school of minnows
In the stagnant water
You swim in filth
And eat your brothers

I rest up high
I am your king
I'm your Triton
I'm your everything

Taste the moss in your blood
It feeds my desire
The pool becomes a burning lake
Your swimming in fire

Taste the moss in your blood
It feeds my desire
The pool becomes a burning lake
Your swimming in fire

A shool of minnows
In my stagnant water
You create your own filth
And you kill your brothers

I stay away
Yet I'm to blame
You made me king
When you laid your blame


Tension thick in the depth of the night
A misty fog hangs in the putrid sky
Sadness within', only death could ever win
More scary than the creature we long to kill,
Is this night we brought upon ourselves.
No return from the creation of our sins
We choose this path, leading to our end.

V. ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCHOOL (creation of sin)


Born in clear water
Embryo emerged full of life
Conform to one another
Begins the reason that we die

Caught in a whirlpool
A one-dimensional school


Just a little bit different, push it aside
Now the water flows murky
So obsessed with one another, we eat our own
Now we swim in filthy water

Caught in a whirlpool
A one-dimensional school
Caught in a whirlpool
A one-dimensional school




Rotting flesh beneath our feet
Bodies dangle from the trees
The smell of death is in the air
The demon's waiting in his lair

Closing in we hear him breathe
He seems to be fast asleep
Pull the blade, its time to kill
In the black his eyes appear

The moon hanging overhead
Has seen this happen all before
Like the minnows in the pool
Against their king they bring war

Frozen still by our fear
Eyes are slowly closing in
Finally given eternal glimpse
His face appears in the moonlight

No time to scream, held by his eys
Through their necks he scrapes his claws
One by one, he mounts their heads
Still alive, he eats their flesh

Over the side of the cliff
He throws their bodies in the pool
The water turns blood red
Where the next generation drinks


Gaze into the pool
Not too far removed
Looks like me and you
In their little schools

Selfishly I play
Bow to my pagan gods
A price that I will pay
Flows within' my blood

At the dawn of time
Something broke the surface
Crept into my make
Somehow holds me captive

Spinning in the pools
Held within' this motion
Trapped inside the schools
I can't see the ocean

In the depths of my soul
I search for the truth
My heart lies broken
By all that I've been through

In this motion, we call life
I fight for redemption
Out of nothing, stirs the hope
I will find salvation

I will search, I will pray, I will beg for the light
On my knees, I will fall, I will search until I die...


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