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Servitus in Aeternitatem


Rain pours down on everglades
to engulf the rememberance
of a past era like a
shroud embeds the stagnation.

From severe wounds blood gushes
forth to get white-washed
in the rising seas of
untarnished requital.
To relinquish intentions of the renegades
is its uppermost command to be enforced.

Elgies are droning through deepest dungeons
to die away unheard on decayed walls

which are stained by rotten entrails,
taunting the creatures in their despair.

Wolves and rats are gutting
their effete corpses.
Worms are devouring
flesh and desiccated skin.

Those who will survive the bestial torture
are doomed to serve in everlasting slavery
to obey the dominance of the divine right of kings.

Doomed to slavery!
Serve in slavery!
Obery me!
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