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Years ago I found a letter, it wasn't mean for me
But I've read the anger, your fear, the horror and agony
Words I remember, now they're a part of me
Cirle in my head and I can feel the pain
It's my name
The new life that you expected
You never heard them cry
Our arms are empty
Try to live with the lie
Never taken seriously
You've lost it all, your family

I can't look straight into your eyes
Afraid of what I see
No, you can't remember me
And I asked myself, what hurts the most
It's all in our name
It's all in our name

Starring at you and try to look
Into your empty eyes
You whispher words of madness
What 's the world inside
The life you lived so long
You're alive inside you are dead
Isn't there a way, what's the game to play

How long can you hold
It's been so long to be afraid
What are the swords they whispher
Try to find a way, to let it all end
It's all in our name
It's all in our name

Want to hold you in my arms
You're so close, so far away
Goodbye, I told you so
Promising to be back soon
A tear in my eye
I know that I lied, I wished I could do more

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry
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